Justt solves chargeback mitigation and friendly-fraud protection for online merchants, with unmatched visibility to monitor disputes. Their automated solution becomes more effective over time, helping you win back the revenue you earned.











Justt Ltd. is revolutionizing the way businesses handle chargebacks through its groundbreaking, fully-automated solution. Utilizing proprietary machine learning algorithms designed by industry experts, Justt's platform continuously learns and adapts after each transaction, optimizing its ability to successfully respond to and mitigate chargebacks. As an intelligent partner in navigating the complex landscape of payment disputes, Justt empowers businesses to recover lost revenue while minimizing manual effort, allowing companies to focus more on growth and less on fraud.

Beyond just a technology provider, Justt acts as an invaluable partner to its clients, effectively guiding them through the labyrinth of chargebacks and card processing intricacies. Regardless of the chargeback reason code or the type of goods being sold, Justt's smart algorithms are continuously refined to ensure the highest probability of success in every case. With a track record of processing more than 10,000 chargebacks daily and counting, Justt offers seamless integration, custom-made solutions, and boasts an exceptional win-rate that sets the industry standard.

With an unwavering commitment to integrity and innovation, Justt is helping a wide range of industries—including eCommerce, travel and hospitality, crypto, eSports and gaming, SaaS, gambling, and event ticketing—to secure their revenue streams. Recognized for producing superior and swift results as part of a broader anti-fraud strategy, Justt is not only a choice but a necessary component for companies striving to excel in today’s digital payment ecosystem.