The All-In-One Shipping PROTECTION Platform

Creating the simplest and fastest issue resolution for your customers


Customers want instant resolution, self service quickly becoming the preferred method. Give customers the ability to get a resolution to the most common shipping issues without needing to deal with a customer service agent.


Delivered Not Received

Damaged Item

Lost in Transit

Wrong Item

Convert More Customers with Trust

28% of customers abandoned cart due to lack of trust that shipments won't arrive, per UPS Capital.

Increase conversion rate by adding the badge in your cart or at checkout, easing customers hesitation and converting more carts.

Protect Long-lasting Customer Relationships

Even one bad shipment can deter a customer from ever doing business with a company again. Don’t let ordering or shipping issues damage that relationship - give them the tools they need to manage and correct any mistakes promptly, and they’ll stick with you.

Settle Claims Quickly

We'll handle reshipments or refunds for your customers within 48 hours of each successful claim, and we pay directly into your bank on a weekly basis.

Prevent Unnecessary

Customers use chargebacks as a last resort - when they can't get a resolution from the store. Prevent detrimental chargebacks on your merchant processor by ensuring that if an order goes wrong, your customer has the tools they need to get things resolved.

Save Customer Service Costs

Our team handles claim management on your behalf without the cost. Reduce customer service staff by simply pointing customers to to manage their refund or reshipment claim.

Easy Installation

Easy install and built to integrate natively with Shopify and Shopify Plus stores. Magento and BigCommerce coming soon.

Your Security is Our Priority

All data transferred is encrypted with 64 base encoding and stored in Amazon Web Services. You and your customer’s data security is built into the core of our platform and our staff trained on security protocols.

Dedicated Support

Each merchant has access to their own dedicated account manager ready to help your business needs.